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Complete your technical drawings with hotspot information, especially for electronic spare parts catalogs

SpareParts 365

Automated catalog creation and distribution, spare parts identification and ordering


You do not have to do everything yourself. Get advice, training and let yourself get be helped at work.

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Hotspot generation for electronic spare parts catalogs
>> OCRHotspot

Spare parts catalogs
>> SpareParts 365

Consulting and Services

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If you are right here?

Digitization is progressing - we would like to accompany and support you along this path.

You create electronic spare parts catalogs?OCRHotspot

...and you need to create hotspots on spare parts drawings so that your customers can see the connection between an item number in the drawing and the right position in the parts list? >>

Then you are right here - OCRHotspot will convince you

Do you want to switch to electrical spare parts catalogues

SpareParts 365

...or replace an outdated solution? then you should definitely look at this one >>

SpareParts 365 opens up new dimensions for spare parts identification and ordering

You need support

...in an implementation project with SpareParts 365, in the generation of hotspots or in a migration project? As professionals in these fields, we help you to do that and you can concentrate fully on your core business. >>

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