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Switch to new CRM / ERP solution

For some years, the CRM / ERP software julitecCRM or julitecCONTACT of julitec is no longer developed. Over time, many users have collected valuable and valuable information about their customers and prospects, and have completed orders or projects through julitecCRM.

As long as the solution is still sufficient in its current state, you can of course continue to use julitecCRM for years to come. However, someday the day will come when the system will have to be replaced by up-to-date software.

Now, as a user, you are faced with the challenge of making as much of the information and know-how that is stored in the "depths" of the system available for a successor solution. There are basically two options for this:

  • Reading data objects via the julitec programming interface
  • Direct access to the julitec database

Via the programming interface

By means of the julitecAPI, complete objects, such as addresses, contact persons, history entries or also orders can be read out and provided for import into another system - e.g. as XML files.

Via database queries

The objects that julitecCRM works with are stored in a SQL database and distributed to a large number of tables, which are linked with each other via keys. Also this way the existing information can be read and prepared for further use.

IT-Solutions Möser - we can help

Due to an in-depth knowledge of both the programming interface of julitec and the underlying database structure, we can provide you with expert support in a migration project from julitecCRM to a successor system in the transfer of existing data.

For more information see Migrations or contact us