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Did you know … – that the majority of manufacturers of high-quality industrial goods (e.g. machine builders) still do not provide a service portal with spare parts catalogs?

Why is that so?

There are many reasons, including:

  • The topic is often part of the technical documentation and therefore (unfortunately) does not have a high priority in the company.
  • It is overlooked that increasing spare parts sales with a potentially high margin can make a significant contribution to the company’s success.
  • The provision of electronic service documentation is not recognized as an important part of the future topics of “Industry 4.0” and “Digitization”.
  • The effort involved in introducing and operating an appropriate, contemporary solution is avoided and sometimes overestimated.

What are the consequences of this behavior?

As comprehensible as the individual reasons may be, one should keep the consequences in mind:

  • In the tough competition with international competitors, the quality of the service can play a decisive role.
  • Anyone who does not make it easy for their customers to quickly, easily and clearly identify and order spare parts will drive them into the “gray market” or – worse still – the competition.
  • Forfeited sales of spare parts and consequential costs of faulty or slow spare part deliveries should in most cases far exceed the costs of providing spare parts catalogs on the Internet.

So what should you do?

If you can understand the reasoning so far, you should:

  • Appoint a responsible person with sufficient competence for the topic.
  • Carry out a rough analysis of the situation in the company.
  • Define a “smart” target for an introductory project (no “Christmas wish list” from all areas, but a robust, first stage).
  • Research suitable providers of corresponding solutions (search for example for “software for spare parts catalogs”).
  • Have one or more providers create a concept proposal with a cost estimate and, if possible, provide a sample catalog with your data.

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