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Drawing files Read and display TIFF, PNG and JPEG files X X X X
  Convert to TIFF (Group 4), rotate +/- 90 °      X X
  Split multipage TIFF and generate hotspots       X
Hotspot files Import and display XML format (".hspx") - e.g. for SpareParts 365 X X X X
  Read and display Docware PARTS-PUBLISHER format (".sen") X X X X
  Read and display CSV format     X X
  Read and show other formats1)       X1)
  Write XML format (".hspx") - e.g. for SpareParts 365 X2) X X X
  Write Docware PARTS-PUBLISHER format (".sen") X2) X X X
  Configure and write CSV format     X X
  Write other formats1)       X1)
Show Show drawing with hotspots, zoom X X X X
  View and analyze individual drawing elements     X X
  Hide drawing elements       X
Hotspots Create and edit hotspots as rectangles manually X X X X
  Create and edit hotspots as an ellipse manually   X X X
  Create and edit hotspots from drawing elements     X X
  Create and edit polygon hotspots manually       X
  Accept "approximately" detected hotspots as valid     X X
Exclusion areas Create and consider an exclusion area   X X X
  Create and consider multiple exclusion ranges - relative or absolute size, exclusive or inclusive effect     X X
  Exclusion areas as polygons       X
Automatic character recognition Character recognition in a single drawing using OCR ("optical character recognition") X X X X
  Recognition of numeric characters (digits 0...9) X X X X
  Automatic size recognition of position numbers   X X X
  Definition of reference characters - "train" character recognition   X X X
  Recognition of additional characters, including "- _ . / \ # +“     X X
  Character recognition in multiple drawings ("batch mode") using OCR     X X
  Regular expressions for defining valid strings     X X
Configurations Create and edit one configuration   X3) X X
  Multiple configurations, copy, import and export     X4) X
  "Approximate" match selectable, quick setting     X X
Automation Starting OCRHotspot without user interface, automatic hotspot recognition of single drawings or whole directories     X X
Drawing editing Replace position numbers in a drawing by text in any font and color        X
Languages User interface in English and German X X X X
  User interface in other languages1)       X1)
Binding the license To Windows system UUID X5) X X X
  Optionally to Windows system UUID, host name or MAC address       X

1) On request, additional costs may apply

2) In the demo version a maximum of 5 hotspots are saved per drawing

3) A maximum of 5 example copies per reference sign possible

4) A maximum of 5 different configurations possible

5) Timed trial license

More information

See OCRHotspot Documentation