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What kind of software is OCRHotspot?

  • OCRHotspot is a hotspot editor that allows you to fully or partially automatically generate hotspot files for drawings that you want to display in electronic spare parts catalogs.

  • The hotspot files contain the information by means of which certain points of a drawing can be assigned to the corresponding lines of the parts list. For this purpose, item numbers (or "call-outs") in the drawing are used.

  • The generated hotspot data can be directly imported into SpareParts 365 e.g.

  • If you are using another solution for creating electronic spare parts catalogs, we can customize the data format on request.

What benefits does OCRHotspots offer to you?

  • If you have ever tried to create hotspots in technical drawings, e.g. exploded views, you will know that this is a very tedious, time-consuming and error-prone activity.

  • Depending on the quality of the drawings, OCRHotspot does this work fully automatically with up to 100% hit rate.

  • For drawings whose quality does not allow a 100% hit rate, OCRHotspot supports you in quality control and the necessary manual post-processing through optimized display and handling.

What are the advantages of OCRHotspot over other tools?

  • OCRHotspot is a completely newly developed, highly specialized tool for the automated and semi-automatic creation of hotspot files

  • OCRHotspot recognizes position numbers with great certainty even in large format and detailed drawings

  • Due to the adaptability to different drawing types (drawing format, resolution, font, font size etc.) OCRHotspot also processes large quantities of drawings from different systems and creation processes effectively and efficiently

  • By storing the hotspot information in XML format, the data can be used in any spare parts catalog system

Send us up to three example drawings, we'll show you how well the automatic drawing recognition can work for these types of drawings. Note: for best results we recommend TIFF (Group 4) and a resolution of 150 - 300 dpi.

For that you need OCRHotspot:

  • You use software for creating electronic spare parts catalog?

  • Your drawing files consist of pixel graphics (TIFF, PNG etc.)?

  • Existing tools for hotspot definition do not satisfy you?

  • You want to save valuable work time by using more effective software?

Then OCRHotspot is the right tool for you. Check which version is right for you.

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