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Support with SpareParts 365 or OCRHotspot

You want support

when configuring or using SpareParts 365 or OCRHotspot?

  • No problem, we will help you over the phone, by email or by remote maintenance.

  • Book an hourly quota on call, with fair settlement of the services provided.

Hotspot creation as a service

You need to provide a larger amount of drawings with hotspots

but have no capacity for quality control or possibly required manual post-processing?

  • Since we specialize in this area, we can optimize your costs.

  • Send us sample representative data and tell us the estimated number of drawings.

  • We will make you a tailor-made offer, on request as a fixed price.

Migration projects

Even the most proven IT systems

come once to the end of their life.

With the selection and introduction of a new, more powerful system, it is then not done, because in the existing data is indeed - often collected in years of work - valuable information. And of course, you should be able to find and use them again in the new system.

However, the challenges are manifold:

  • How and where is the data stored in the existing system?

  • Is the data protected or encrypted?

  • Is there a description of the data structures and the data model?

  • Is there a programming interface for accessing the data?

  • How can the existing data model be mapped to the new system?


In addition, there may be other aspects,

to be considered:

  • Has the way data are maintained been changing over the years?

  • Is there "hidden" information, e.g. unstructured stored in text fields?

  • Was working with "talking keys"?

  • How were business processes modeled in data?

If you have arrived at these questions during your migration project and need expert support, you are in the right place.

Support with data migration

Take advantage of our experience from a variety of

migration projects in the areas of:

  • CRM

  • ERP

  • Electronic spare parts catalogs

How can we help you?

  • General advice

  • Analyzes of systems, interfaces, data, processes

  • Programming converters

  • Implementation of the data transfer